Reducing Stressors and Empowering Critical Care Nurses

Being hospitalized is a difficult experience for patients. They may be scared and unsure of what’s to come, but the power of a nurse can help these feelings subside. Nurses are truly at the core of patient care, providing compassionate care to each patient, no matter how big or small the issue at hand may…

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Monitoring Critical Care Patients Outside the Traditional ICU Setting – Technology Solutions for the COVID-19 Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 is challenging our healthcare system as never before.  Hospital resources are being stretched beyond capacity.  Even basic supplies are in short supply impacting the normal patient care routine and infection control precautions.  Hospital ICU bed capacities are being expanded to areas of the hospital not designed for patients requiring intensive care.…

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European Customers Only – Request Instructions for Use

Note:  User instructions can be accessed directly from the Etiometry software.  To access the software documentation, log into the Etiometry software with your authorized credentials.  Then navigate to the top right navigation bar, and select Help and then Resources.  Select the user manual link to view documentation. To access the Etiometry platform user manual, complete…

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