The Etiometry Platform

Clinical intelligence for high-acuity care teams

Situational awareness at your fingertips

The Etiometry Platform is an end-to-end data management software solution for the collection, analysis, visualization, and archiving of ICU clinical data. It is designed to facilitate the use of all available data to support the anticipation and management of the dynamic condition of patients requiring intensive care.

How it works

The Etiometry platform is uniquely designed to enable both standardized and individualized care with four main capabilities:

  1. Data Aggregation and Visualization
    Enables a holistic view of patient data
  2. Risk Analytics
    Get ahead of patient deterioration
  3. Clinical Pathway Automation
    Drive consistent, timely adherence to care protocols with automated workflows
  4. Quality Improvement Application
    Power continuous improvements and clinical research

Access the platform from a persistent display at the bedside, on a WOW, from home using a hospital approved VPN, or a central ICU command center. Etiometry can also be accessed via Single Sign On (SSO) within EHRs.

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If you're looking to:
Meet quality initiatives... Etiometry can save you hours and hours of digging through data - and can pull together reports with a few clicks
Standardize care… Etiometry can help automate the workflow with your site-specific protocols, or use existing automated pathways
Help newer clinicians get up to speed in your unit… Etiometry can help build confidence in newer clinical staff by enabling the use of data to inform the care team what’s happening with patients
Get in front of patient deterioration… Etiometry Risk Indices provide insights for earlier detection
Alleviate burnout with your respiratory therapists covering more than one unit… Ask how Etiometry can automate workflows related Extubation Readiness Tests - and more.
Improve outcomes… See the below statistics.
Save costs and find revenue… Ask your Etiometry representative for an estimated calculation of the significant cost savings and revenue opportunity.

One Platform
Improves efficiencies, drives revenue


Decrease ICU readmissions by up to 41%


Reduce ventilation
time by up to 22%


Reduce Length of Stay (LOS) by up to 36%


88% of nurses say Etiometry makes their jobs easier


With proven integration with devices and hospital IT systems, the Etiometry implementation plan aligns with your infrastructure and resources. Get up and running in as quickly as eight weeks with a proven and efficient process – and minimal IT support on your side because Etiometry does the necessary customization work. 

Our ongoing adoption program is provided at no additional cost. This means the Etiometry team implements the latest platform enhancements – that are mostly driven by users. Plus, the Etiometry implementation team will support any of your site’s infrastructure updates.

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