The Etiometry Platform

The Etiometry Platform is an end-to-end solution for collection, analysis, visualization, and archiving of clinical data. It is designed to enhance the use of available data to anticipate and manage the dynamic condition of patients requiring intensive care.

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The Platform consists of three integrated software components:

Together these systems provide critical information for immediate patient care and trajectory of patient condition, generate risk estimation of compromised patient conditions, and archives data for research and quality improvement initiatives.


Automatically captures multiple data streams within the ICU, and provides an intuitive way to view the information.


Analyzes the aggregated data, and calculates physiologic risks unique to each monitored patient.


Sift through stored data for retrospective review to help identify opportunities for quality improvement.


Continually monitors physiological measures providing a summarized display of patient trend, enabling data-driven decision making and adherence to evidence-based best practice.

The Etiometry Platform supports the entire care team.

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  • Access to comprehensive patient data in near-real time
  • Supports patient assessment and timely recognition of adverse clinical conditions
  • Remote patient surveillance
  • Communication tool for sign-outs and hand-offs
  • Guidance for treatment escalation
  • Supports patient management protocols and care plans
  • Supports extubation readiness assessment and guidelines
  • Automated calculation of respiratory measures (e.g. OI, OSI)
  • Supports recognition and tracking Ventilator Associated Events
  • Allows remote surveillance of patients requiring mechanical ventilation
  • Tracking mechanism for protocol adherence
  • Event reviews (M&M conferences)
  • Fast retrieval of structured data for quality reporting
  • Automated reports based on key requirements and quality initiatives

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The Etiometry Platform is not an active patient monitoring system. It is intended to supplement and not replace any part of the hospital’s device monitoring. Do not rely on the Etiometry Platform as the sole source of patient status information. For prescription use only.