Data Aggregation and Visualization

View patient conditions at the bedside, remotely and/or a central monitoring station

President Biden views Etiometry platform
President Biden views the Etiometry platform during a tour of Children’s National Hospital’s Cardiac ICU Telehealth Command Center.

Device interface and data aggregation

Break down silos of information with a shared mental model to provide patients the right care at the right time.

Data aggregation and visualization allows the Etiometry platform to bring together lab results, vital signs, demographics, medications, fluid balance, peripheral devices and waveforms on one screen.

Video Placeholder: A Picture is worth a thousand data points

Understand and communicate the patient condition from any location

Easily and conveniently access Etiometry’s web-based platform from:

  • Central monitoring stations
  • Bedside: Persistent display
  • Telehealth command center
  • Workstation on Wheels (WOW)
  • Home/Remotely via VPN
Data Aggregation and Visualization Single Patient View
Data Aggregation and Visualization Single Patient View


Visualize near-real-time and retrospective data for assessments. Note Etiometry’s efficient storage of waveforms data at only 13 GB per bed a year.

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