Etiometry Inc. is a leader in analytics-based clinical decision support software for intensive care. Our goal is to enable easier access and more efficient use of clinical data to drive improvement in patient health, greater efficiency in the delivery of care, and reduce the cost of care.


Using the latest platforms for data aggregation, integration, and data analytics, Etiometry’s technology enables clinicians to better comprehend, anticipate, and manage their patients’ condition.

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Advancing the Science of Critical Care Learn More “Etiometry's unique approach to analytics allows clinicians to understand the patient state, rather than just a possible outcome.” -Chief of Critical Care Medicine


Aggregate data from multiple sources


Synthesize to reveal risks of harm


Present in physiological context

*The solution is being provided under FDA’s enforcement policy for non-invasive remote monitoring devices used to support patient monitoring during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency.