Outcomes Data Reveal Significant Impact of Etiometry Utilization in Liberating Patients from Invasive ICU Treatments

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Studies presented at World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery show Etiometry’s clinical intelligence platform supports efficient escalation and safe de-escalation decisions to enhance patient outcomes and reduce length of stay

BOSTON, Mass. – Aug. 28, 2023 – Etiometry, the leader in clinical decision-support software, shares exciting new study results from ten hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s of Alabama, Children’s National Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, that demonstrate the significant impact its platform has on outcomes for critically ill patients. Physician researchers presented their findings at the World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (WCPCCS) in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Aug. 28, 2023.

Key data highlights include:

  • Etiometry utilization reduced time on mechanical ventilation by 22% and decreased hospital length of stay in these patients by 19%.
  • Etiometry utilization reduced time on vasoactive medications by 18%.
  • Etiometry’s Hyperlactatemia Index provides early warning for elevated lactic acid, alerting the care team to potentially impaired oxygen delivery.

The studies utilized Etiometry’s FDA-cleared Risk Analytics, Automated Clinical Pathways and Quality Improvement App to address pressing challenges in critical care settings, which are often the most complex and expensive units in the hospital. Etiometry’s Risk Analytics provide an individualized assessment of the patient’s condition, bringing attention to patients who need it most and revealing insight into the cause of potential deterioration or improvement to a patient’s state. When paired with the platform’s Clinical Pathway Automation, care teams can achieve the elusive balance of individualized and standardized care to support quality initiatives like ICU liberation.

Mechanical Ventilation Management

Extubation failure is associated with significant morbidity, including prolonged total ventilation time and longer hospital length of stay. Extubation readiness trials (ERTs) are used to guide clinicians when a patient is ready to extubate, and these manual workflows are cumbersome for staff. Etiometry automates this process, providing clinicians with alerts when a patient is eligible for an ERT, and automatically tracks performance throughout the spontaneous breathing trial. The study presented at WCPCCS analyzed before and after deployment of Etiometry’s automated ERT pathway on patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery and found that using Etiometry reduced time on mechanical ventilation by 22%.

  • Study Title: Automated Extubation Readiness Tool is Associated with Improved Outcomes Following Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    • 747 patients were included in the analysis
    • Research led by Santiago Borasino MD, MPH, Donald M. James Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics, and Section Head of Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Division of Cardiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Medical Director, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, of Children’s of Alabama

Weaning of Vasoactive Medications

Vasoactive medication is crucial for hemodynamic management after cardiac surgery, but its use carries risks of complications and requires close monitoring and individual patient management for appropriate care de-escalation. Until now, there have been no clinical trials exploring the use of algorithms in the safe de-escalation of care. Etiometry’s IDO2 Index™, a non-invasive algorithm that predicts the probability of inadequate oxygen delivery, was paired with Etiometry’s clinical pathway automation capability to evaluate its potential to prompt earlier weaning of vasoactive medication support. The findings reveal the new automated standardized workflow in Etiometry informed data-driven decisions leading to an 18% reduction of time with vasoactive infusions.

  • Study Title: Use of a Risk Analytic Algorithm to Inform Weaning from Vasoactive Medication in Patients Following Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    • 851 patients enrolled
    • Research led by Joshua Salvin, MD, MPH, Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist, Attending, Department of Cardiology of Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Early Warning of Hyperlactatemia

Pediatric patients after cardiac surgery are predisposed to develop low cardiac output syndrome. Serum lactate is a well-defined marker of inadequate systemic oxygen delivery which can be a major risk for organ failure. Researchers utilized Etiometry’s HLA IndexTM to monitor inadequate perfusion and identify risk of HLA or hyperlactatemia (elevated lactic acid). Etiometry’s HLA Index showed a strong positive association with elevated lactic acid, providing the bedside clinician with an early, non-invasive warning of impaired oxygen delivery.

  • Study Title: A Near Real Time Risk Analytics Algorithm Predicts Elevated Lactate Levels in Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Patients:
    • 3,496 enrolled patients compared to 58,168 lactic acid test results
    • Research led by Ahmed M. Asfari, MD, MSHA, Pediatric Cardiologist, Cardiac Critical Care at Children’s of Alabama and Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“We’re grateful to the physician researchers who’ve utilized our platform and our superb team of data scientists, engineers and clinical specialists to tackle key challenges of a stressful, high-acuity environment, such as the ICU. The data are compelling, especially in terms of how our clinical intelligence can enhance patient care,” said Shane Cooke, CEO of Etiometry. “We look forward to supporting many more research and quality improvement initiatives.”

Etiometry continues to expand its capabilities. This year, the company announced two software releases with several customer-driven enhancements, achieved two FDA clearances for its risk algorithms and continues to enable collaboration among clinicians to support standardization of care with automated clinical pathways.

“Through our tools, automated reporting and support, we are committed to not only deploying our clinical decision support system technology into care, but equally important – enabling the measurement of their performance,” said Evan Butler, Co-founder of Etiometry and Chief Operating Officer. “These studies are a testament to the unique capability we can provide our ICUs.”

Through Thursday, Aug. 31, WCPCCS attendees have the opportunity to engage in person with Etiometry’s experts, delve into the platform’s functionalities and experience live demonstrations that showcase its transformative potential. Those not in attendance can request an online demo at Etiometry.com/GetYourView.


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Founded in 2010, Etiometry is the leader in clinical decision-support software designed to help clinicians in the intensive care setting make data-based decisions regarding their patients’ care and treatment. The company’s technologies provide valuable clinical insight and analysis to support early recognition of subtle changes in patients’ conditions to avoid complications and speed recovery. Etiometry has nine FDA clearances and four Health Canada approvals and CE markings. With roots in pediatric ICUs, Etiometry is utilized by some of the world’s top academic medical centers as well as leading children’s hospitals ranked by US News and World Report and Newsweek.  Etiometry is committed to improving patient outcomes, increasing clinical efficiency, and lowering the cost of care through the more effective use of data.

The Etiometry Platform is the only critical care software solution that reveals deep insights into patient physiology, helping critical care teams deliver standardized and individualized care – and provides the ability to automate care escalation and de-escalation decisions. It is designed to facilitate the use of all available data to support the anticipation and management of the dynamic condition of patients requiring intensive care. To learn more, visit www.etiometry.com.

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