Piecing together countless data points slows clinical decision-making.

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With Etiometry, view a holistic patient picture in seconds.

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A picture is worth a thousand data points.

Don't miss meaningful events.

Rapidly identify changes to patient condition by looking at all relevant patient data on one screen.

Get ahead of patient deterioration.

Risk indices bring attention to inadequate oxygenation and ventilation, otherwise a patient’s deteriorating trajectory may only be apparent at the time of a significant clinical event.

Automate ICU liberation protocols.

Reduce mechanical ventilation time by notifying care teams when patients are eligible for a spontaneous breathing trial.
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Get a look into why Etiometry is loved by the world’s top academic medical centers, including:

20 of the Best Children’s Hospitals ranked by U.S. News & World Report

4 out of 5 of the highest ranked children’s hospitals ranked in Newsweek’s Top Specialty Hospitals in the World

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