Retrospective Quality Improvement Analysis

In July 2022, JAMA Pediatrics published a study by a group of 15 hospitals, including Children’s of Alabama, which found that implementing the Cardiac Arrest Prevent (CAP) practice bundle can reduce in-hospital cardiac arrest by 30%. The bundle includes five elements to promote situational awareness to recognize and mitigate patient deterioration. A key component is a formal code review with staff education. See how the Etiometry platform helps recreate the events that led to a code to improve patient care.

RESEARCH: The Future of Team-based Critical Care

Sanford Zeigler, M.D., Medical Director, Adult Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Medical University of South Carolina, presents his findings in studying the development and validation of the inadequate delivery of oxygen index (IO2 Index) in an adult cardiovascular ICU. He also discusses Etiometry’s clinical protocol automation that enhances care team workflows and ensures patients are getting the right care at the right time.

Transforming Nursing Workflows

Learn how the nursing staff at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC has adopted Etiometry’s clinical decision support tool to transform nursing workflows at the bedside. See the real-world application of the Etiometry platform and risk algorithms that helps nurses proactively identify potential patient deterioration and help facilitate escalation of care to prevent adverse events.