Etiometry Unveils 2024 Priorities and Celebrates Milestones: Clinical Outcomes Data Show Significant Reductions in Length of Stay (LOS)

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Building on a Transformative Year, Etiometry’s Clinical Decision-Support Platform Attracts New Partnerships, Unprecedented Clinical Outcomes and Deeper Integration with the EHR

BOSTON, Mass. – January 30, 2024 – Etiometry, the leader in clinical decision-support software for critical care, today shared 2024 priorities as well as highlights from 2023, which marked a momentous year for the company’s platform advancements, including deeper EHR enhancements and waveforms; additional FDA clearances for AI-based algorithms, and – most notably – clinical outcomes data that show platform use reduces length of stay (LOS), among other significant findings.

Clinical highlights from 2023 show how Etiometry’s Clinical Pathways capability is helping care teams automate workflows to efficiently escalate care for patients who need it to avoid adverse events, get patients off invasive treatments earlier and improve outcomes. One example is extubation readiness. A study using Etiometry’s automation of an extubation readiness protocol showed a 22% reduction in time on mechanical ventilation and a 19% reduction in hospital LOS.

A multicenter randomized clinical trial showed a reduction in time patients were on vasoactive medication by 18%. This was the first study to explore the use of algorithms in the safe de-escalation of care. In addition to pathway automation, both studies utilized Etiometry’s FDA-cleared Risk Analytics that reveal the likelihood of patient deterioration so the care team can take necessary actions sooner. Clinician leaders presented their findings at major medical society congresses, including American Association of Critical Care Nurses, World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery and others.

“The clinical outcomes data tell a compelling story of how Etiometry’s platform is reshaping the landscape of critical care. These aren’t just statistics; they represent lives touched, interventions optimized, and streamlined workflows for care teams. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this healthcare revolution with our customer partners,” said Shane Cooke, CEO of Etiometry.

Now utilized in more than 100 ICUs around the world, in 2023 clinicians logged into Etiometry 130,000 times totaling more than 13 years of time spent in the platform last year and accumulating well over 150 million hours of de-identified patient data. The data help inform the company’s risk algorithms, which bolster the platform’s use as a safety net for clinicians caring for critically ill patients.  In addition, the platform’s massive database is tapped into for research and quality improvement initiatives through the platform’s Quality Improvement App (QIA).

As the evidence highlighting the clinical efficacy of the Etiometry platform continues to grow, so does the attention from industry stakeholders. Etiometry formed partnerships with major Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and national hospital alliances, including SRHO and Partners Cooperative. These partnerships facilitate access to the platform for hospitals and health systems so that they can receive the benefits of improved outcomes for intensive care patients and savings in the costliest units of the hospital delivered by the Etiometry platform. Etiometry continues a successful partnership with Radiometer, bringing together the platform’s clinical intelligence with the medical device company’s acute care testing solutions to enhance intensive care outcomes.

Last year, Etiometry announced its eighth and ninth FDA clearances. Both were for risk algorithms. The IDO2 IndexTM (Inadequate Delivery of Oxygen) was cleared for adults. With heightened situational awareness from the IDO2 Index, clinicians can take action to avoid complications related to hypoxic conditions – a fundamental mission in critical care medicine. The IVCO2 IndexTM (Inadequate Ventilation of Carbon Dioxide) is now available for neonatal ICU patients under 2kg, who are especially vulnerable to the effects of hypercapnia; many NICU patients require mechanical ventilation support.

Other 2023 highlights include:

  • Four abstracts and two journal papers about Etiometry,
  • 50 new investigator-led quality improvement projects were initiated,
  • Two outcomes studies focused on impact of Etiometry were completed,
  • Eight new studies were initiated aimed at assessing the clinical utility of various risk algorithms and the impact of Etiometry on additional workflows,
  • A corporate partnership with the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), and
  • SOC II attestation, which underscores Etiometry’s commitment to robust data protection mechanisms for hospital customers pursuing cloud technologies.

Etiometry will continue its strong track record of innovation by launching new user-driven platform enhancements in 2024 and continue to focus on alleviating key pain points in healthcare, like labor and rising costs. The company is expanding on its recently-launched waveform functionality, adding more automated clinical apps to cover more disease states and patient populations, and continue to enhance EHR integration to enable more informed clinical decisions.

Etiometry also aims to maintain its regulatory clearance tempo, support clinical research and quality improvement initiatives for customers, and add to its talent pool – which currently includes clinicians to inform product developments, as well as data science experts to expand the reach of the company’s AI-based platform.


About Etiometry

Founded in 2010, Etiometry is the leader in clinical decision-support software designed to help clinicians in the intensive care setting make data-based decisions regarding their patients’ care and treatment. The company’s technologies provide valuable clinical insight and analysis to support early recognition of subtle changes in patients’ conditions to avoid complications and speed recovery. Etiometry has nine FDA clearances and four Health Canada approvals and CE markings. Etiometry is utilized by some of the world’s top academic medical centers as well as leading children’s hospitals ranked by US News and World Report and Newsweek.  Etiometry is committed to improving patient outcomes, increasing clinical efficiency, and lowering the cost of care through the more effective use of data. To learn more, visit

The Etiometry Platform is an end-to-end data management software solution for the collection, analysis, visualization, and archiving of ICU clinical data. It is designed to facilitate the use of all available data to support the anticipation and management of the dynamic condition of patients requiring intensive care. To learn more, visit

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