Data Aggregation and Visualization


Etiometry’s clinical intelligence platform is designed to fully integrate all available patient data into the clinical decision-making process. Etiometry drives the fundamental tasks of comprehensive data collection, presentation, and patient data archiving. A flexible clinical data management platform allows scalability across multiple areas of care and across the full range of patient acuity.



Access and visibility to all the relevant data in Etiometry allows for early identification of changes in patient condition, more rapid assessment, and intervention. Patient data can be displayed at the bedside, viewed at a central monitoring station, and is easily accessible by the clinician remotely using any popular hospital approved web-browser.


    • Comprehensive medical device integration
    • Customizable, remote, bedside, and surveillance views of trended patient data
    • Efficient assessment of patient condition and treatment effectiveness
    • Risk estimation of compromised oxygenation and ventilation
    • Detailed reporting and documentation of events and patient course

The Etiometry Platform user interface displays all collected data in a relevant and easy-to-interpret format centralized on a single screen. All the information is optimized to show trending correlations of selected measures, enabling a clinician to make data-driven decisions.

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Data Aggregation

Physiology-Based Visualization

Surveillance View

The Etiometry Platform is not an active patient monitoring system. It is intended to supplement and not replace any part of the hospital’s device monitoring. Do not rely on the Etiometry Platform as the sole source of patient status information. For prescription use only.