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The Etiometry Clinical Intelligence Platform automates escalation and
de-escalation decisions, safely and efficiently turning information into action.


See subtle changes in a patient? With Etiometry, you’ll have trended patient data
at your fingertips, on one screen, to help with real-time clinical decision making.

of nurses say Etiometry
makes their jobs1

of nurses say Etiometry
saves them time1

Etiometry facilitates:

Helping new nurses thrive.

Supporting your quality initiatives.

Helping mitigate patient safety risks.

Reducing cognitive load, and more.

Etiometry Clinical Data Highlights


Reduction in length of stay (LoS)2


Reduction in unplanned ICU readmissions3


Reduction of time on mechanical ventilation4


Reduction of time with vasoactive infusions5

How nurses use the Etiometry platform

Advocate for patients

Back up concerns about your patient with trended visualized data. Easily navigate to the current vital sign trends and compare them to the more longitudinal trend of the vital sign(s) in question.

Comprehensive Patient Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ conditions with real-time data aggregation and analytics, including hemodynamics, ventilation, and more.

Automate clinical pathways

Embedded protocols can inform the care team when a patient is eligible for a care escalation or de-escalation decision.

Mitigate risks

Anticipate clinical deterioration before it happens with our advanced algorithms that analyze trends and patterns in patient data, allowing for timely interventions and improved outcomes.

Shift Reports

Easily hand off between shifts by using Etiometry as a visual aid. This helps to level set and understand the impact of interventions, the overall baseline for vital signs etc.

Teaching cases

Review events in the Quality Improvement App to upskill newer staff.


Refer to the Etiometry platform as a tool to help complete documentation and maintain accurate records of care.

Seamless communication among the care team

Facilitate seamless collaboration among interdisciplinary teams with our intuitive platform, ensuring that everyone involved in patient care is on the same page.

Making assignments

A charge nurse can easily see the “hot spots” or higher acuity patients by glancing at the platform’s surveillance view. This may help more effectively spread resources and assign the right nurse to the right patient in terms of any experience/acuity gaps with newer staff or traveling nurses.

ONE platform: Improves quality and efficiencies, drives revenue

Enables proactive and personalized care escalation and de-escalation  

Automates quality improvement initiatives for care standardization 

Facilitates the measurement, iteration and optimization of your care delivery processes

Ask your Etiometry representative for an estimated calculation of the significant cost savings and revenue opportunity.
Etiometry platform screenshots

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