IDO2 Index™

Rapid assessment and intervention when a patient’s ability to oxygenate is compromised is key to avoiding complications. The IDO2 Index™ provides a continuous risk estimation of inadequate oxygen delivery and detection of subtle changes in a patient’s condition.

  • Provides continuous estimation of a patient’s risk of experiencing a condition of inadequate oxygenation
  • Supports assessment of patient condition, trajectory of condition, and response to treatment
  • Supports identification of patients at risk of complications related to hypoxic conditions

The IDO2 Index™ is derived using key vital signs and laboratory results collected by the T3 Software.

The IDO2 Index™ and relevant hemodynamic parameters are trended and displayed together.

T3 - Hemodynamic Patient Display


  • IDO2 Index trended and updated every 5 seconds
  • Pre-set Hemodynamic display
  • Customizable display allows drag and drop of additional parameters
  • Trended intermittent data such as lab values
Etiometry’s IDO2 Index™is solely indicated for use for patients under 12 years with weights above 2 kg.
The Etiometry Platform is not an active patient monitoring system. It is intended to supplement and not replace any part of the hospital’s device monitoring. Do not rely on the Etiometry Platform as the sole source of patient status information. For prescription use only.