Clinical Management Applications

Guiding Best Practices

Etiometry’s Clinical Management Applications (MAPs) are designed to aid clinical staff in all types care settings to deploy clinical protocols and follow patient-care guidelines. Clinical MAPs embed your hospital-established protocols into the T3 Software, while seamlessly integrating with your current workflows.

With the protocols readily available for clinicians, increased adherence is easier to achieve. We leverage the continuous stream of patient data captured by T3 to automatically identify, track, and review patients throughout the entire scope of the protocol process.

Key Features of Clinical MAPs


Eligible patients are automatically detected for enrollment



Patients are monitored, and clinicians can review relevant parameters set by hospital-established protocols


Detailed Review and Reporting

Access to in-depth and retrospective metrics for quality initiatives

See the Benefits

Patients of all ages benefit from their care team being able to easily understand where within relevant parameters they fall for treatment decisions. With increased automation and higher adoption of protocols, patients benefit from fewer complications and a shorter length of hospitalization.

Pathway to Improved Patient Care

When managing patient care with complex regiments like management of mechanical ventilation and sepsis, evidence-based protocols have been shown to reduce variation in care, improve patient outcomes, and may help to contain costs.1

However, adherence to protocol guidelines are often challenging for clinicians to adopt into their workflows impacting the benefits of protocolized care.1 Computer assisted deployment of clinical protocols can ease clinician workload and improve adherence to protocols.2

1 Chang et al. Critical Care 2012, 16:306
2 Walsh BK, et al. Resp Care 2017, 62(3)

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