Medical researchers can improve the quality and consistency of their data by deploying the Etiometry Platform in the ICU. This end-to-end clinical data collection, analysis, visualization and archiving system collects physiologic data directly from patient monitoring devices, allowing researchers to reduce the costs of data collection while improving the quality of the research data collected. Researchers can leverage this data to improve the quality of their research. For example, researchers can use the data to validate whether clinicians are adhering to clinical care protocols.


Researchers can leverage the Quality Improvement System to efficiently access and accumulate rich data sets for analysis. They can easily access data to confirm that patient data is being collected, and clinical researchers can access high-fidelity, high-frequency data without the costs and delays of custom integration work by a third-party vendor. You can also easily export the data into statistical data analysis software packages, such as MATLAB and R. Our Quality Improvement System allows researchers and quality improvement specialists to easily access high-fidelity data files for any individual or groups of patients. It automatically merges data from different sources—such as lab results and monitors—into a single, complete and easy to use file.

The Etiometry Platform has FDA clearance and can provide the foundation for clinical researchers to easily and cost effectively share data, and the automated entry of patient medical data improves data quality and helps attract research funding. For more information, read our Fact Sheet and learn more about the Etiometry Platform and our Quality Improvement System.