Intensivists wrestle daily with synthesizing and analyzing data from multiple devices throughout the ICU. Our FDA-cleared Etiometry Platform provides ICU physicians with practical information through:

  • Data consolidation
  • Physiology-driven visualization
  • Advanced analytics

It enables physicians to assimilate multiple physiology streams and more quickly make more informed decisions that improve the quality of patient care. By consolidating data from many ICU devices, the Etiometry Platform helps physicians better understand the trajectory of their patients by viewing salient clinical information on a single screen.


The Etiometry Platform fosters more objective communication among care teams and provides a common storyboard to analyze the best course of treatment for ICU patients. An innovative and established ICU solution, the Etiometry Platform is now being utilized by half of the top ten pediatric hospitals in North America and Europe: Here are just a few sample use cases:

  • Our IDO2 Algorithm enables recognition of inadequate oxygen delivery so physicians can recognize the potential for patient harm
  • Attending physicians can more easily perceive a patient’s hemodynamic trajectory and swiftly assess whether a patient’s health is improving or deteriorating
  • The rounding team can easily view up-to-date trending data and labs to accelerate the development of an effective care plan
  • Surgeons can more rapidly discern how a patient is progressing post-op and whether their trajectory is deviating from expectations
  • Doctors can interrogate patient data prior to, during and after a ‘Hot Event’, and identify the source of the event and the quality of the intervention

Physicians can monitor near-real-time patient data from their homes and office, and more quickly assess the trajectory of care to make faster decisions based on more accurate patient care data. For more information, read our Fact Sheet or learn more about the Etiometry Platform.