Hospital IT professionals and biomedical engineers are constantly being asked to deliver better information to medical staff to improve the quality and consistency of patient care. Meanwhile, they’re typically faced with maintaining the existing technology already deployed in the ICU. The Etiometry Platform provides ICUs with practical information through:

  • Data consolidation
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Advanced analytics

This end-to-end clinical data collection, analysis, visualization and archiving system collects physiologic data directly from existing infrastructure, allowing hospitals to reduce the costs of data collection while improving the quality of the research data collected. It is easily installed by Etiometry without the need for hospitals to create new interfaces and integrations. Our software is easy to install, extremely reliable and backed by a rigorous support program. We work closely with IT to determine data sources already in place so we can efficiently leverage your existing infrastructure.

Etiometry will install, configure and build any required interfaces solution remotely, so IT just needs to set up a virtual machine or a server cluster. Soon ICUs will be consolidating data from many devices and helping clinicians better understand the trajectory of their patients by viewing important clinical information on a single screen. This web-based solution provides physicians with remote access to real-time ICU patient information, and Etiometry offers solid customer support, minimizing internal support requirements and the need to develop training. For more information, read our Fact Sheet or learn more about the Etiometry Platform.