The Quality Improvement System (QIS) is a clinical database that allows researchers and quality improvement specialists to easily access high-fidelity data files for individual patients or patient cohorts.

It automatically merges data from different sources—including monitors, laboratory systems, ventilators, and patient demographics—into a single repository and makes this data available through a simple and interactive web interface. The Quality Improvement System has been specifically designed to support impactful retrospective analysis of care processes that enable hospitals to continuously improve and track patient care in the ICU.

Quality Improvement System Highlights

  • Streamlines data collection & analysis
  • Provides quality metrics based on high-fidelity data
  • Facilitates protocol compliance analysis
  • Enables development of best practices
  • Supports discovery of physiological relationships

Key Features

Permanent Archive
Stores all data collected by the Etiometry Platform perpetually.

Flexible Schema
Architecture scales to easily add and normalize key data sources.

Optimized Performance
Multi-layer database design enables fast data retrieval.

Multiple Export Formats
Supports rapid analysis with popular statistical software applications.

Software Development Kit
Enables enhanced queries and data de-identification to support advanced users.

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