The Etiometry Platform provides ICUs with practical information through data consolidation, enhanced visualization and advanced analytics. This end-to-end clinical data collection, analysis, visualization and archiving system collects physiologic data directly from patient monitoring devices while analyzing it in near-real time in the context of human physiology models and proven aerospace estimation methodologies.

It enables more informed decision making, improved patient care quality, and decreased costs. The Etiometry Platform features a web-based architecture that is hosted in a hospital’s data center and protected by the hospital’s firewall. It includes:

T3 Data Aggregation & Visualization is an FDA-cleared software visualization application to collect, store, and visualize ICU data in near-real time. It includes new and proprietary data aggregation technologies developed by Etiometry to enable the collection, segmentation, and near real-time patient binding of data to support patient care.

Risk Analytics Algorithms are deployed on our T3 Visualization & Data Aggregation software. Our first FDA-cleared algorithm is the IDO2 Index Powered by Risk Analytics, which reflects the likelihood that a patient is experiencing inadequate oxygen delivery.

Quality Improvement Sandbox is our clinical database that allows researchers and quality improvement specialists to easily access high-fidelity data files for any individual or groups of patients.