How do you measure peace of mind in your NICU?

Caring for fragile NICU patients is filled with challenges which demand your attention. Gathering and analyzing the massive amount of data is part of that challenge. Bring your attention back to the bedside where you can easily access the data that are most important in making treatment decisions for your patient.

Etiometry’s clinical decision-support software helps clinicians in the NICU help to improve the health of the smallest and most fragile patients. Using this software can help clinicians:

Streamline data points

Avoid burnout from alarm fatigue

Compliment data from your EHR

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    What physicians are saying about Etiometry:

    Capture Data & Inform Decisions

    Our CEO, Shane Cooke, speaks about how NICUs can improve their patient monitoring, data collection, and the role Etiometry plays in clinical decision support. Read the Q & A on page 24 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Magazine on how the T3 platform can help caregivers in the NICU make informed decisions for each patient.