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BOSTON, December 23, 2014 — Etiometry received a “Top Abstract” award at the 2014 Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society (PCICS) Conference. Our abstract reported the first retrospective study of the Risk Analytics technology, and was selected out of more than 200 abstracts submitted to the conference. We would like to thank our co-authors, Dr. Melvin Almodovar from Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Peter Laussen from Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

The abstract, titled “Risk Analytics and Outcome Prediction in Neonates Following Cardiac Surgery” assessed the ability of the Risk Analytics to predict a composite poor outcome and biomarkers for inadequate oxygen delivery. The study was conducted on 274 neonates who had undergone cardiac surgery within the first 30 days of life – a population which costs the U.S. healthcare system approximately $1.4B a year, and represent some of the most difficult patients to manage in the ICU.

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Etiometry Inc. is the leader in clinical decision-support software for the intensive care environment. Our technologies provide valuable clinical insight and analysis to support early recognition of subtle changes in patient condition to avoid complications and speed recovery. Etiometry is committed to improving patient outcomes, increasing clinical efficiency, and lowering costs of care through the more effective use of all available data.

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