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BOSTON, September 1st, 2020 – Etiometry, Inc., the leader in clinical decision-support software for the intensive care environment, is expanding their efforts into neonatal intensive care units. The announcement comes as Etiometry recognizes the work and dedication of clinicians improving the health of the most vulnerable patients during NICU Awareness Month, which kicks-off today.

Advancements in monitoring and support technologies have aided clinicians in improving the care they deliver and the impact they have had in improving the health and outcomes of NICU patients. Etiometry is focused on delivering technologies to further aid NICU clinicians in identifying and managing patients at risk of hemodynamic and respiratory instability to avoid complications and speed recovery.

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“These are arguably the most delicate patients to treat and we do not take that responsibility lightly. The Etiometry Platform provides clinicians with easy access and visibility to available patient data when and where it is needed for critical decision support, as well as determining the progress of the patient’s condition,” explained Etiometry’s CEO, Shane Cooke.

The Etiometry Platform harnesses patient data to create novel risk indices for clinicians to better identify trending stages of clinical deterioration to improve the quality of care and health of individual patients. Etiometry is the first company to earn FDA-clearance for two critical care risk indices for patients under 12 years old.

NICU Awareness Month was created to celebrate the clinicians who take care of the tiniest patients and the families who never leave their side during a difficult journey. To support NICU Awareness Month, please join Etiometry in wearing green and using the hashtag #NICUAwarenessMonth.

About Etiometry

Etiometry Inc. is the leader in clinical decision-support software for the intensive care environment. Our technologies provide valuable clinical insight and analysis to support early recognition of subtle changes in patient condition to avoid complications and speed recovery. Etiometry is committed to improving patient outcomes, increasing clinical efficiency, and lowering costs of care through the more effective use of all available data.

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