Position Summary

We are currently seeking a Data Engineer who will assist in the design and implementation of a hospital-based clinical data-warehouse system. Your role will be to support existing software and integrate new data sources with a focus on efficiency and availability. Etiometry has the world’s largest collection of pediatric intensive care unit monitoring data and the volume and data types are continually increasing. The data sets provide numerous storage and normalization challenges but can offer important insights into the efficacy of existing treatments and reveal new and innovative patient management strategies.


  • Interface with software stakeholders to understand infrastructure and user requirements.
  • Develop and support Etiometry’s data-warehouse solution both for clinical personnel and internal research staff.
  • Build, test and deploy software and database upgrades into a production environment.
  • Utilize and improve Etiometry’s clinical data cleaning tools and techniques, which include data extraction, de-identification, and clinical measure normalization & cleaning.
  • Design and implement requirements for company research.

Basic Qualifications

  • BS in computer science, systems engineering, or a similar technical field with relevant work experience.
  • An understanding of data model design, database schemas, and optimizing database applications.
  • A breadth of understanding of database technologies including both relational and non-relational solutions.
  • Experience manipulating large data sets of time-series and intermittent data.
  • Experience using version control software.

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience designing and developing database access layers for schemas that contain multiple databases containing unique data types and access requirements.
  • Experience working with Python as a primary development language with an emphasis on data management and processing.
  • Experience with MySQL and MongoDB
  • Experience producing software for a clinical setting that utilizes clinical patient data, e.g., labs, physiologic signals, and administrative data.
  • An understanding of clinical (or any data-driven) research from a data aggregation and methodologies standpoint (study design, subject protections, and statistical analysis).
  • Experience with Agile software development methodologies, and continuous integration and delivery.

Contact Us

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email careers@etiometry.com with your resume.