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All-in-one patient monitoring system leverages analytics to help predict patient deterioration and improve care

BOSTON – January 29, 2014,  Boston Children’s Hospital has licensed the rights to commercialize its T3 patient-monitoring technology to Etiometry Inc., a Boston-based health care information technology company creating dynamic patient care analytics. The T3 Data Aggregation & Visualization Software captures and visualizes patients’ physiologic data and tracks their clinical course. The technology provides a platform to track vital patient data on a single, easy-to-manipulate monitoring system viewable on standard web browsers in the hospital.

T3 (Tracking, Trajectory and Triggering) was the brainchild of Peter Laussen, MD, former chief of Boston Children’s Critical Care Unit and now chief of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and Melvin C. Almodovar, MD, medical director of Boston Children’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. The pair aimed to improve data management in the ICU, where providers need to manage data generated by 10 or more patient-monitoring devices. Laussen and Almodovar devised T3 to streamline and harness the massive volume of data generated by these systems.

“Access to the continuous data stream of relevant information has changed the way we track the evolution of a patient’s course as well as how we evaluate major events,” says Almodovar. “We are employing methods to analyze both the captured and near real-time data for the purposes of developing and testing algorithms to guide our understanding of the patient’s physiological state and to support decision-making, in real time.”

While the system was originally built independently, over the past two years, Etiometry partnered with Boston Children’s researchers to refine the platform for delivering clinical analytics and patient risk monitoring. The result is a risk-based analytics solution that enables clinicians to easily track the real-time trajectories of their ICU patients through an intuitive web-based interface.

“The success of our co-development relationship proved Etiometry to be the ideal partner to commercialize this transformative technology,” says Erik Halvorsen, director of the Technology and Innovation Development Office at Boston Children’s. “T3 has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of ICU care.”

“We’re very excited about licensing the T3 technology and continuing our working relationship with Boston Children’s Hospital to develop cutting-edge clinical analytics to improve the quality and reduce the cost of patient care,” says Evan Butler, Co-founder of Etiometry.

The T3 patient-monitoring system and Risk Analytics Engine have been deployed in two major pediatric centers: Boston Children’s and Toronto SickKids. Plans to install T3 in additional hospitals in the U.S. and Europe are underway. By presenting real-time, continuous physiologic information through a user interface, clinicians can now better discern a patient’s trajectory pattern to allow enhanced continuous assessment and anticipation of major events.

“The ICU is the most data intensive place in healthcare, yet most of this data is wastefully discarded,” says Dimitar Baronov, Chief Technology Officer at Etiometry. “T3 will harness the power of this data for better care.”

Unlike previous generation patient-monitoring systems, which discard data after a few days, T3 includes a permanent database known as the Quality Improvement System (QIS). Boston Children’s and Etiometry plan to create a consortium to provide and use stored data to develop predictive algorithms that can improve the quality of care and reduce costs in the ICU.

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