“Why can’t I hold my baby?”

Etiometry can assist nurses in answering the difficult questions from loved ones. When your child is sick, parental instincts kick in to take action to help them recover. But what if your child is in critical care and it’s not possible to even hold your baby? At six to seven days post op, a young…

Etiometry Announces CE Mark and Health Canada Authorization for Adult Use of AI-Based Algorithm that Detects Risk of Hypercapnia

Previously authorized for pediatric populations, critical care teams in Europe and Canada can now utilize Etiometry’s IVCO2 IndexTM to determine the likelihood of inadequate carbon dioxide ventilation in adults BOSTON, Mass. – March 21, 2023 – Etiometry, the leader in clinical decision-support software for critical care, today announced CE Mark and Health Canada authorization of…

Etiometry is the First to Achieve FDA Clearance of an AI-Based Risk Algorithm that Alerts for Inadequate Oxygenation of Adult Patients in Critical Care

U.S. Hospitals can now equip clinicians in adult ICUs with Etiometry’s IDO2 Index™ to rapidly identify changes to patients’ condition. BOSTON, Mass. – January 24, 2023 – Etiometry, a leader in clinical decision-support software, announced today its IDO2 Index™ was cleared for adult use by the Food and Drug Administration. Now, U.S. hospitals can arm…

Retrospective Quality Improvement Analysis

In July 2022, JAMA Pediatrics published a study by a group of 15 hospitals, including Children’s of Alabama, which found that implementing the Cardiac Arrest Prevent (CAP) practice bundle can reduce in-hospital cardiac arrest by 30%. The bundle includes five elements to promote situational awareness to recognize and mitigate patient deterioration. A key component is a formal code review with staff education. See how the Etiometry platform helps recreate the events that led to a code to improve patient care.

RESEARCH: The Future of Team-based Critical Care

Sanford Zeigler, M.D., Medical Director, Adult Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Medical University of South Carolina, presents his findings in studying the development and validation of the inadequate delivery of oxygen index (IO2 Index) in an adult cardiovascular ICU. He also discusses Etiometry’s clinical protocol automation that enhances care team workflows and ensures patients are getting the right care at the right time.