Who is taking care of the people that invest their livelihoods in taking care of others? 40% of clinicians reported burnout and 30% screened positive for symptoms of depression, according to a report published in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. Stress in the ICU doesn’t just impact the clinicians suffering with it, the entire unit can feel the weight. As part of National Stress Awareness Month, Etiometry is highlighting how an advanced data analytics software platform can help reduce or even prevent stressors from occurring in your unit.

Advanced Analytics

Imagine if clinicians could foresee what was going to happen to their patient, hours before an event actually occurred. It would contribute to dramatically reducing stress levels associated with making daily clinical decisions without having all of the data available to them. However, this concept isn’t science fiction, it’s Etiometry’s first FDA cleared algorithm, the IDO2 Index. This index uses proven aerospace estimation methodologies to forecast the likelihood of inadequate oxygen delivery, providing clinicians with advanced warning to stay ahead of patient adverse events before they occur. Deploying the IDO2 Index was shown to reduce patient length of stay by 25%, according to a multi-center study.

No Alarms

The incessant ding of alarms from multiple monitoring devices has been proven to rattle clinicians, and often times they are false alarms. In an effort to prevent alarm fatigue, the Etiometry software was designed with visual cues instead of audible noises to bring the user’s attention to the monitor. “The principle behind our predictive analytics is to make medicine more proactive and less reactive. By the time other devices are alarming, the patient is already in a state of deterioration that makes it more difficult to recover,” Etiometry CTO, Dimitar Baronov, explained.

Clear Communication

Every second of a critical care clinician’s time is valuable; and reducing the need to repeat information vital to patient care saves time and lives. This is especially important during codes and other stressful situations. From signoffs to speaking with family members, the Etiometry software is used as a key communication tool in ICUs across the world. The technology displays patient trends and their trajectory on one clear dashboard that can easily be customized to each patient’s unique needs. By collecting dozens of streams of patient data and visualizing it on one monitor, identifying trends and trajectories is easier than ever before.

From everyone at Etiometry, we appreciate the stressful work critical care clinicians perform every day. Stressful circumstances are inevitable; but using your technology doesn’t have to be one of them. For more information on adding the Etiometry software to your ICU, email info@etiometry.com.

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