From improving quality of care to reducing costs, producing a concrete return on investment is becoming a crucial do or die milestone for health care systems and the health information technologies they use. A new study unveiled at the American College of Cardiology Conference is now a part of the growing evidence associating Etiometry’s platform with improvements in care quality and patient safety metrics.

The abstract presented by Dr. Mary K. Olive, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Physician at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, and her colleagues from various institutions within the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium (PC4) is a first-of-its kind study evaluating the effect of a digital health platform based on registry data. The work compared outcomes at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital before and after the installation of the Etiometry platform with a cohort of institutions without the software. The difference-in-differences approach showed an 18% reduction of post-surgical length of stay and an even larger impact on the ICU readmission rate, which was reduced by 41% in the cohort using the Etiometry platform.

At Etiometry, we have always been driven to provide impactful technology that has direct and measurable effects on reducing patient harm in the ICU. This latest study sets a new benchmark for evaluating ICU analytics and information technologies. The advent of powerful specialized registries such as PC4 enables a new paradigm of efficient clinical trials that can quickly separate interventions with marginal benefits from the ones providing real value to patient care. This is especially relevant to technologies like ours which are designed to transform the vast amount of data generated by critically ill patients into actionable information for the whole ICU unit. Their unique position in the clinical workflow and engagement of different clinical roles make them impractical to study through the previous gold standard methodology: randomized clinical trials. Moreover, the study conducted by Dr. Olive et al. provides a pathway for both understanding the current impact of our technology, as well as our pursuit of delivering constantly growing clinical benefits through the platform.


Dimitar Baronov

Etiometry, CTO

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