Keeping every patient alive is the most basic hospital mission; but how clinicians achieve this goal couldn’t be more complicated. Medical error is to blame for as many as 400,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, according to reports published in the Journal of Patient Safety. From adding alarms to adjusting protocols, changing the clinician’s physical environment isn’t the cure-all answer to patient safety concerns. To commemorate this National Patient Safety Awareness Week, Etiometry is shifting the focus from problems to solutions.

You can have the most experienced staff on the floor but achieving patient safety requires more than merit; situational awareness is the crux of patient safety. Being situationally aware requires clinicians to know every piece of patient information collected since the moment a person is admitted. With more than 40 data streams continuously flashing across multiple screens every second in the ICU, information inevitably gets missed. The Etiometry Software allows clinicians to see the bigger picture and be situationally aware by collecting and visualizing all of the patient data in a clear and communicable manner.

In the past, successful rounds and handoffs were contingent on relaying all of the pertinent patient information between clinicians but what one expert perceives as insignificant could be invaluable to the next. The Etiometry Software bridges the communication gap by enabling clinicians to view all of a patient’s vitals as closely as every five seconds on one screen.

Recent studies show, Etiometry’s software isn’t just bringing the providers attention to patients on an adverse trajectory, it can also elucidate pathways that lead to poor neurologic outcomes for some of the most fragile patients. This creates an opportunity for our algorithms to give clinicians the tools to identify deteriorating patients long before an event occurs and the damage is irreversible.

Patient safety errors can result in long-term, permanent, and deadly consequences. While these errors have seen a decline in the past few decades, the risks are still alive and well. At Etiometry, we are passionate about preventing patient harm through advanced analytics and we’re proud to partner with many of the top academic medical centers in making this dream a reality.


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