In critical care environments, we are accustomed to seeing vital signs constantly rising and falling but a new study shows why doctors may not be seeing the full picture. Information Loss of Vital Physiologic Data in Critically Ill Patients outlines why the most fragile patients can also be the most susceptible to electronic health record errors.

The study compared the information captured in the vital signs manually recorded in the EHR to those automatically captured by Etiometry’s T3 Software, which aggregates and visualizes the data in an intuitive manner. The analysis showed that compared with Etiometry’s Software, the sparse recordings in the EHR missed dozens of variations in the measurements.

Our mission is to minimize patient risk of harms by providing fellow clinicians with a clearer picture of their patient’s entire length of stay by capturing as many measures as possible and displaying them in a way that can be processed quickly and intuitively.

Researchers presented their findings with an abstract at the 14th Annual Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society conference in Miami, Florida.

Ana Clara Tolentino, RN, MSN, MBA, PhD

Etiometry,  Clinical Specialist

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