As CTO of Etiometry, I find it helpful to attend industry events and discuss our next-generation patient monitoring solutions. Last week was particularly productive because Etiometry exhibited at two major anesthesiology conferences. After attending both the Anesthesiology 2016 and the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia events in Chicago, on the flight home I realized there were five valuable lessons I learned from speaking to so many anesthesiologists:

  1. It was great to reaffirm that our ability to aggregate and visualize data in an impactful way is appreciated by different medical specialties outside of critical care, including OR anesthesiologists. The demo of our solution is an important tool to showcase how the Etiometry Platform is far superior to current solutions in delivering medical data to the workflow in various clinical setting.
  2. Anesthesiologists seem to universally agree that the future is analytics. This further validates that our scalable solution to analytics is vital for meeting the market expectations of analytics that constantly expands its impacted populations, clinical settings, and medical procedures.
  3. They were excited to also find applications of our technology beyond ICU and into the OR. Many of the attendees were OR anesthesiologists, and I found that their insights validate the Etiometry Platform as a hospital-wide solution.
  4. Many of the attendees were from other vendors in our industry, and they came to our booth to learn more about our unique approach to patient monitoring. We’re in the nascent stages of building a partnership program but we see great opportunities in the future to work with many of these vendors to improve patient monitoring.
  5. The anesthesiologists were less interested in a single solution for a single problem, but instead are looking for a broad platform that can change how they utilize data in their clinical workflows. This further confirms our vision for a complete platform that alleviates clinician workloads and cognitive loads, improves patient outcomes, and reduces hospital costs.
Gary Gallant, VP of Research Collaboration Development (left) and CTO Dimitar Baranov
Gary Gallant, VP of Research Collaboration Development (left) and CTO Dimitar Baronov

I’d like to thank the many anesthesiologists and industry executives we met with last week, and I’ll continue to share lessons learned from upcoming events via our blog.

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