We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting Etiometry’s new website, and please bookmark our Home page and come back often. As we continue to grow we’re introducing new programs and vehicles to better inform the Etiometry community about our activities, and this entirely new website was created as a resource to inform visitors about our products and the many advantages they are bringing to our audiences, which include:

We know how busy you are, and we’ve structured our new website so you can easily keep up with Etiometry from your PC, tablet and smartphone. We carefully architected our content so you can easily find the resources that you seek. We structured our primary navigation hierarchically so you can just click on a section and drill further for more information. For example, by hovering over Our Platform you can see a menu of the pages beneath it, or you can just click on it for an overview contained in that section.

We also hope you’ll bookmark our new Blog page because we will be sharing our insights on important issues that affect next-generation clinical decision support. Thanks again for visiting, and we welcome any feedback on our new website or blogs so if you’d like to share your thoughts please send an email to info@etiometry.com.

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